I want to have a rock as a friend. ฉันอยากมีเพื่อนเป็นก้อนหิน

If my friend is a rock, I would have her with me everywhere.
She will talk to me and I will listen to her endless stories.
From her ancestors till her next life.

She will warm my hand in a cool dark street as I grab hers in my swather pocket.
A texture of her is the thing to remind you of living.
To touch her is to touch a present moment.

My friend is a rock yet she always go explore things with another her.
She received news from winds, sunlight, and people that walk pass by.

Sometime she will be a bird, or sometime fish.
But most of the time she will let me hold her,
and read her a ‘little prince’ story.

Gute nacht,