Wonderful town : aditya assarat

I’m currently studying with Aditya Assarat in Screenwriting class. Every Monday afternoon is like the day for inspiration. Today is also another inspiring day.

Wonderful town is the movie I always missed a chance to watch it in cinema. Now is my very luck day because I finally watch this movie in the director class!

Love the tone of movie – how romantic it is. Unconsciously, I merge into the film. It’s not only a love story but a story of a sad people and a town after disaster of Tsunami.

What we actually see is the town is physically REBORN, but it is still sad. People still crying inside their mind. How the sad town be cure and reborn again?

Before I study with him, I’ve watch a short film called ‘Bangkok blue’ long time ago. And another movie of him ‘Hiso’ is the first feature film from him I watched in cinema. I love them both too! here’s the VDO with commentary, sorry that it’s in Thai.


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