Religion Numbs Self-Definition discussion

according to Vidura Amranand / November 28, 2012

Photo credit: Nitipong Ruangurai

Belle • a day ago

I’m so lucky to found this interesting perspective from a performer. Since by the time I’m in the space, watching her noting herself, I was wondered if the audiences who have an experience with their bodies and their relationship with surrounding space (as every performers do, if I’m not mistaken) will be more understand, more able sink into the piece, or can link themselves with what they see (which is very personal) in front of their eyes, better than a person who rarely consciously aware of their bodies?- a person like me, to say, who are not practice to work with body and space. I think it’s because I don’t have experience enough to sink into the work somehow.

I’m curious to see how the personal exploring of self will interact with the other, what I’ll be inspired by the work that is really work from within the artist herself? The result is quite vague to me, I have got some interesting idea eventually but I feels like I’m a witness of the monologue. A useful monologue indeed.

It’s interesting to be part of the conceptual process though, since it’s research and we are part of this research. The question you raise about ‘self’ to her also boarder my point of view about the theme she is talking about. Even it’s herself to delicately question again and we are there only to witness and shared with her.

Sorry but I have some question to ask, I’m so new to this kind of thing(but it’s always fascinating me) Could you please explain a bit more on how one could allow freedom into an artistic process to dig more deeply and honestly into a search of oneself?

and the question of “is that how you would define yourself or are you only letting a Buddhist belief define you?”, it’s seem so hard to realize ‘self’ out of the process of ‘searching self’. Can we really notice whether it is us to define ourselves not defined by Other? To notice that may really take one lifetime as you said… but it’s worth to try.

Hope to read more from you again,
Thank you ka 🙂

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    vidura project  Belle • 3 hours ago

    @Belle. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and questions. To answer you about how one can allow more freedom into an artistic process… what I mean by that in this case is to allow a concept to inspire your work, but you should expect that your concept and opinions about that concept will change during your work process. The ideas you started with when you began rehearsing might not be the same ideas you end up with when you’re done creating the piece. What I saw with Tanatchaporn’s work is that she seemed to stick with one belief of self and never allowed it to change from start to finish; she pushed herself towards one goal, even when she could’ve gone onto other paths. If she had allowed her ideas some flexibility, I believe her movements would’ve changed and that may have allowed us to take a deeper look into her “self.”

    I agree with you that it’s hard to realize who we are and that we are not only defined by ourselves, but also by the people and space around us. But again, in Tanatchaporn’s case, I felt that her relationship with the Buddhist belief of self was forced. As an audience, I felt I was seeing her from a perspective of a static, written belief, but not even from my or her own perspective. Again, a journey of self-definition should be a journey without any pre-set conclusion. Thanks again and hope to hear more from you.

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      Belle  vidura project • a few seconds ago

      Thank you for your reply, it will definitely help me a lot on my final project too. The way you answer me is like I’m talking with thesis advisor in my university 🙂 I also face the same problem with P’Tanatchaporn but now, from your useful comment, I will try my best first then let’s discuss more later.

      Couldn’t find a word to say thank you as your reply has so much meaning to me, I really do thanks.. : )


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