Innovative and creative inspiration for theatre and animation

Perfume : Japanese band


I love Perfume’s concert, it’s really innovative and always surprise us. Most of the music video also creatively made so I will shared you some of the works I really like with a description why I like it. (Top Tracks for Perfume : GLITTER from Perfume 3rd Tour JPN (The performing in the introduction part make use of the green laser lighting very well and interesting)

EDGE ⊿-mix (really creative and innovative! I love the way they become invisible from the scene by lighting and very well design visual on the boxes as part of Perfume’s member)
Company Adrien M : Cinématique
Cinématique” may be a trip, or a game, or a dream… With one breath, the artist generates a virtual veil of words; with one hand, he commands the lines of the horizon; with one foot, he lifts up the ground, jumbles all landmarks, and makes one question reality… The journey begins on a raft over flowing seas and travels through landscapes of virtual matter. Digital lines, dots, letters, and objects projected on flat surfaces weave a poetic space that clings to bodies and to movements. Imagination modifies density and plane surfaces and reveals freedom of movement through transparency, desire, and the infinity within each of us. Reality and virtuality are constantly superimposed. Although the dancer is subject to the laws of physics, he dances with magic in a virtual world. adrien mondot – design, software development and interpretation satchie noro – dance christophe sartori and laurent buisson – music / sound design elsa revol – light creation charlotte farcet – drama alexis lecharpentier – it development and technical assistant jeremy chartier and hervé lonchamp (alternating) – stage management and lighting lawrence lechenault – sound control They develop their own programing to make and interactive stage design not only a video projection on the space but the video also react with movement/ light/ heat on the stage. It’s the first innovative and poetic performance in my life I have ever watch and addicted to it! It’s a combination of poetic and sense of circus

this scene is incredibly beautiful.

this is an ocean scene

here’re some interview and blog on themématiquei-a-poetic-digital-theatre-performance Staroptik Company: “Staroptik”(Drawing –Object Theatre-Video- Live Music)

“Stéréoptik” is like a live animation-movie! Every sequence of the film tales shape on stage as drawings are projected on a giant screen and the musical score is played live. This work tells two different tales: the first one is about two characters off to discover the world; the second one is about a jazz singer kidnapped by aliens from outer space… Jean-Baptiste Maillet and Romain Bermond are take turns drawing, producing sound effects, playing the music, projecting the film, telling the stories… They create a strange world both intimate and funny in which drawing and music go hand in hand. You will discover the unexpected transformation of a table into a sound producing drawing board into a giant kaleidoscope… The music man plays the bass, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and drums and improvises the music while, at the same time, giving us a spectacular performance.   “Stéréoptik gives the same enjoyment, as did the first silent movies or shadow-puppet performances. Jean-Baptiste Maillet and Romain Bermond are circus tumblers and, on stage, they juggle as willingly with bits and pieces as they do with top-level technology.”L’Usine C, Montréal, Québec. Stéréoptik Company was founded in 2009 by Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet; it explores the relationship between sound and images, video and manipulation.  Company website:

More for Multimedia design on stage>>

Yei-Sheng, Wang Water Stains On The Wall

Body Navigation, Amazing!!

Angelos Angeli APHRODITE 0 To 2012


What On Earth!? A very cute multimedia design for dance theatre

Wonderful live dance performance integrated with motion tracking/feedback & a projection from Hiroaki Umeda & Labomatique.


Double Vision

video-theatre performance

Beams of Light Meet Bodies, in Kinect-Powered Dance and Audiovisual Work


Performance: Daito Manabe’s light fantastic

For those whose interesting in programming and interactive theatre design should follow this.

Totally interactive! The room! Spectacular Interactive Dance Performance Using Projection Mapping





2 thoughts on “Innovative and creative inspiration for theatre and animation

  1. Hello Ferzkiwi,
    I just stumbled across this and, Intrinsically motivated, meaning motivated from within…having the desire to make a difference and contribute. Studies have proven that people are more creative/innovative when they are not working for a reward, but working from inspiration.
    Catch you again soon!

    1. Agree with what you said here, especially a desire to make a difference and not working for a reward 🙂

      It’s really link with a book I’m reading now ‘the portrait’ by Nikolai Gogol, it’s the things that we all should keep in mind- not to lose yourself by trying to satisfy others.

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