TOGETHER : inspiring animation blog on social content


Surfing randomly through Stuff pick in Vimeo then I found this interesting concept of the company. While scanning through their website I still get the smily face of the logo stuck in my head and it make me lift-up unconsciously and feel really happy just to looking at their work. I can feel that people working here are friendly and are positive thicker. They described themselves like this : (original content at


Founded in the spirit of independent and collaborative creation, TOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & Culture develops and produces animated content for the arts, cultural, and non-profit communities. We are happy writing, designing, and animating content for documentaries and films, theatrical stage visuals, art exhibit promos, and book trailers.

Here’s one of the work they created, it’s really cute!

Beastly Bards: Typesetter Blues

Typesetter Blues is a 3-minute animated short starring a likeable monster named Harold. In this melancholy love story, Harold falls for a new coworker, who unfortunately falls harder for someone else.





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