Inspiration for theatre set design : Light / Shadow


Interesting article

“Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View.”

The Tenth Sentiment is the creation of Japanese artist Ryota Kuwakubo

The Tenth Sentiment by Japanese artist Ryota Kuwakubo

having tree and geometry form

light reflecting on metallic material

Flying Quadrotor Light Show Spectacular

mirror can also reflect light and add more depth to the scene

projector is another light source but and create more on texture

light-bulb using its shape as part of the design

shadow is beaming


Shadow play

South-Thai shadow play

Thai puppet shadow theatre

puppet in contemporary time

The Wandering Moon Performing Group & Endless Journey

The Mekong Arts and Media Festival : Wandering moon theatre

Wandering moon theatre website

Behind the scene of shadow play at Wandering moon theatre


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