Post-graduate studies

tuition fee : 360,000 RBU for two year (358,187 THB) (15000 RUB per month, 180000 RUB per year) / living expense : 10000 Ruble per month [ ค่าเทอมสองปี 360,000 + ค่าครองชีพสองปี 15000×24 = 360,000 + ค่าเครื่องบินไปกลับและวีซ่าและจิปาถะอื่นๆ 40,000 + ค่าเรียนภาษารัสเซีย 9,500 สองระดับในไทย + 6,200×6= 13,200 + ค่าครองชีพระหว่างเรียนภาษา 15,000×6 =90,000 รวมทุกอย่างตั้งแต่เรียนภาษาในไทย.รัสเซียและเรียนต่อจริง =872,700 ]ชำเเหละทุนรัฐบาลรัสเซี-2/

*Students who have shown themselves the results of entrance examinations or the 1st semester, training opportunities FREE(grant of scholarship.) ???

list of art works for the preliminary creative competition:
1)drawings from life,compositions, scatches of animals and human characters in moovement (graphic);
2) animation film review (1 or more) or analysis of famous animation author art
3) carricatures (if you have);
4)project of your own animeted film  (idea, scenario plan, storyboard with some text comments)

5) essay “the brightest impression of my life”

6) essay “why do I choose this proffession”!! All artwork pieces should be signed.In addition to artwork, applicants must submit the following:1.Application for admission to a course
2.Autobiography (application form)
3.Copy of Diploma of Higher Education
4.Filmography (desired but not necessary)
5.Two photos 3×4 cm.The examination comprises terms of creative engagement related to future profession and interview to determine the applicants cultural level and knowledge in cinematographic art area.
Acceptance of artwork pieces for preliminary creativity competition – from 1st April to 15th June
All classes at School Studio SHAR are conducted in Russian, student must be able to communicate clearly in written and spoken Russian.Exams include:
1) writing task connected with future profession
2) interview that revials entrant’s general cultural level and level of his knowledge in field of cinema art.

Acceptance of artwork pieces for preliminary creativity competition – from March to June.
Examination, interview – July 2013. : The lessons will begin in October (2015).

tuition fee : ok / living expense : ok [accommodation = ok] anywhere in German can apply for DAAD : GERMAN language
*scholarship The DAAD will pay a monthly scholarship of 750 euros. As a rule, the scholarship additionally includes certain payments towards health insurance cover in Germany. In addition, the DAAD generally will pay an appropriate flat-rate travel allowance, unless these costs are covered by the home country or by another funding source. Furthermore, the DAAD will pay a study allowance and, where appropriate, a rent subsidy and family allowance.


Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln: Aktuelles

International student guidebook


guideline course Summer2013

Begin of studies
All studies begin annually in the winter semester, approx. 60 students are accepted.

Application deadlines
End of January / beginning of February. The exact application deadline is announced in October by the student office or can be found on the website, where application forms are also available.

Admission requirements
Higher education entrance qualification and confirmed artistic skills are required for all courses of study.
4-semester diploma degree course (II): A completed degree course in an area relevant to the intended postgraduate course of study or two years practical work experience in art and design.

approx. € 260 per semester for AStA, student services, NRW ticket, health insurance, etc. – for both german and foreign students.


Note: The Courses are held in German!

Entrance requirements for the four-semester Degree Course II
A degree from an institution of higher education in a field relevant to the four-semester Degree Course  (for example, art, literature, theatre, film and television in art and science courses; communications design, visual communication; cultural studies, computer science).


Higher education (i.e. University) entrance qualification and at least two years professional experience in artistic design. Applicants take a classification test in conjunction with the admission selection procedure to assess artistic aptitude. Accepted applicants then have the opportunity to enter a course of studies at the level of the sixth semester of the undergraduate diploma course (Main Study programme). Those interested in the four-semester study course, who do not want to acquire a diploma, can — after successful assessment — receive a certificate.

Hochschule Luzern: (FH Zentralschweiz/FHZ) สวิส T^T

Admission procedure 2013
First Part: Registration and documentation (with portfolio)
Sign up:
The online registration form can be found on the Internet at
Please submit the following:
 Application form (a copy of the documents to be submitted as noted BA diploma, etc.)
 CV
 Letter of motivation
(Key questions may be:? With what I have explained me why What are my Strengths? What area I would like to expand and deepen my knowledge? Why do I apply me for a master? I want to learn what is added? (Scale 1 to 2 A4 pages)
 documentation of previous creative work (portfolio)
 If you already follow a concrete project idea: Written project proposal for design work
Registration deadline: 02/04/2013
The documents and the portfolio can be sent by post or by mail or in person be sold. Make sure to note the opening times of the Secretariat in the schoolhouse Sentimatt:
8:00 to 11:30 / 13.30-16.30 clock Address: Lucerne University – Art and Design, MA Design, schoolhouse Sentimatt, causeway, CH-6003 Luzern, or by e-mail at: helen.dahinden @
 Our communication with you needs information about the current and functioning email Address, a phone number where we can reach you, and a correct mailing address.
 For the recording process from the time the portfolio submission is a charge of CHF 125 -due. An invoice will be sent after the submission of the documents.
If free places available, are also after the deadline Applications accepted. The Admissions Committee looks through all files and decides who the 2nd Part of the
Admissions process is invited. Shipping decision after Mappenjurierung (by email or post): 15.04.2013 (Phone no information is issued)
Second Part: interview
In a personal interview with the admissions committee, we take you submitted the By dossier again.
Period (Please keep appointments available. Invitations are very short.) 22.04. – 03.05.2013
Talk time: 45 minutes
Admission decision Shipping (by post): 08.05.2013 (Phone no information is issued)
What should my portfolio include?
The portfolio should give the examination board an overview over your creative profile, your knowledge and skills, as well as your main focus of interest. In other words, work should be included which on the one hand documents your personal preferences and on the other hand the wide range of your work and your work process (work from your Bachelor’s program, assignments and editorial work, sketchbooks or sketchbook-extracts).
Language course in German for foreign is included

Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg :

Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction

need internship experience in film industry for 12 months, can apply as second MA

Institute of Animation, (under Filmakademie)

Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg


Financial preparation

Goldsmith (University of London) : MA in Art Psychotherapy  : £15,o00 per year

Entrance requirements:
You should have: an undergraduate degree of at least second class standard in visual arts, or a degree in an allied area, or a professional qualification; a portfolio of art work showing evidence of a longstanding commitment to your own art practice; experience of work in health, social services or education (equivalent to at least 1,500 hours); experience of personal therapy (ideally).Your application will only be considered if it includes detailed information about your relevant work experience to show that you have at least 1,500 hours’ experience. Your art portfolio should be uploaded electronically as part of your main application.English Language Proficiency: If English is not your first language, all successful applicants to this programme must achieve IELTS 7.0, to include a score of no lower than 6.5 in all four parts of the test. Find out more about ourEnglish Language requirements.
Full-time students can apply for the Corinne Burton Memorial Studentship.

Wimbledon College of Art  (ual) : BA (Hons) Theatre and Screen – Technical Arts & Special Effects : £13,800 per year

MA Animation, RCA International Fee : Tuition fees for 2013/14: £26,900 per year (1,080,800 THB /1,086,615 Ruble) / living expense : expensive***** [accommodation =]
scholarship and

Film/Animation/Video[UNDERGRADUATE: BFA] RISD 4years

ual : CSM > MA Character Animation


Tuition fee : free/ living expense : expensive***** [accommodation =]

Production Design, MA or Scenography, BA/MA อาจจะต้องเรียน BA 3 ปีเพราะเราไม่น่าโดดไป MA ได้แบบไร้พื้นนะ?

tuition fee : 210 000,- CZK per academic year (329,977 THB / 333,372 RUB)/ living expense : expensive***** [accommodation =]
Directing for Alternative and Puppet Theatre @Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts(DAMU)
MA Programmes in English

CalArt Experimental Animation 

tution fee : $39,976 ปีละล้านเว้ยยยยยยยยยยย
Preferred Deadline – November 1

Portfolio :

Criteria for Portfolio Review & Interview
Please see below for the criteria which are used to assess your suitability for
the course as part of your Interview and Portfolio Review. We will look at how
your work:
Demonstrates an interest, commitment and motivation for studying the
Demonstrates a desire to learn, and an ability to investigate and
develop ideas independently.
Demonstrates an understanding of the subject and some examples of
contemporary art.
Demonstrates an Ability to communicate – visually, verbally and in
writing, with some evidence of basic art making skills.


2 thoughts on “Post-graduate studies

  1. German language : Goethe-Institut in Thailand
    7200 THB/course for intensive course (2 levels) : 10 weeks 80 classes(45 mins/class) need 6 months to finish 4 levels = 14400 THB
    Evening: Monday to Thursday 18.00 – 19.30 pm = 24.07. – 02.10.2013 / 07.10. – 19.12.2013
    8600 THB/course for intensive course (2 levels) : 4 weeks 80 classes(45 mins/class) need 3 months to finish 4 levels = 17200 THB
    Morning: Monday to Friday 08.30 – 12.00 am = 24.07. – 21.08.2013 / 23.08. – 19.09.2013
    Scholarship for Summer course

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